Concert Expectations

Concert Dress Code

As musicians, our entire energy in rehearsal and performance is spent in the world of sound. However, the visual world always takes precedence in the human brain. We need to dress and act in a way that puts the audience's focus on our MUSIC.

Please contact us early in the year if you are concerned about finding appropriate clothing for concerts. We will use our resources to try and help you.

Every student in band at Sioux Falls Washington High School is expected to follow our concert dress code:

- Men: BLACK dress pants, BLACK dress shirt, BLACK tie, BLACK dress socks, BLACK dress shoes.

- Women: Long BLACK dresses or BLACK dress pants and BLACK dress blouse with at least 3/4 sleeves, BLACK dress shoes.

- Please wear shoes that let you walk up and down stairs safely (while carrying your instrument).

Audience Concert Etiquette

Thank you in advance for your adherence to these guidelines. Live music is one of the few art forms that exists in a moment in time and then is gone forever. Recordings can't capture everything that is contained in a musical moment.

Each audience member is asked to adhere to the following concert etiquette guidelines:

- Turn-off all electronic devices (just silencing is not acceptable, light from electronic devices is distracting to fellow audience members).

- Enter and exit the auditorium during applause only.

- Refrain from making noise during performance that would distract fellow audience members from the students' work that is being showcased.

- Please direct all applause to the ensemble as a whole, unless a soloists is given a bow.

- Please refrain from shouting the names of students. We are an ensemble and would like to be recognized as such.